Martin Hauck

Currently Head Of Talent Acquisition at CaseWare
– Previously at: Coinsquare, StackAdapt, Rangle.io
– Founder of The People People Group
– Podcast host of From A People Perspective
– Hype man for Unbiasify
– Investor/advisor in Crescendo & Riipen
– Board member for Business In The Streets
– Writer of Instead of Lattes
– Tweets from the hip on Twitter
– Connects almost immediately on LinkedIn
– Posts artsy stuff on Instagram
– Blogs almost never on Medium
– Speaker at the 2018 HR Tech Summit, 2018 Hack The  Valley, Panelist at Lever’s 2017 Talent Innovation Summit, Key Media’s 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Conference, The Big Push’s 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Hiring Practices Panel
– Is fascinated/inspired by Alan Moore, Amy Cuddy, Graham Hancock, Anis Mojgani, Joseph Campbell, Naval Ravikant, & Elizabeth Gilbert and Arlan Hamilton to name a few.
– Doesn’t always smile like this or wear blazers but enjoys a good laugh & tries to dress well